BackIT Online Backup for Home Features

Our software quickly, simply, and securely uploads your data to the cloud. Protecting your pictures, videos, documents and other files, in a secure data centre. Using BackIT Online Backup a great way to ensure that you'll be able to restore your data back in case your hard drive fails, you get a virus, your computer gets stolen, or you accidentally delete some of your files.

Backup Multiple Devices

BackIT Online Backup doesn't limit you with "licenses" or to one type of computer. You can backup multiple devices including PCs, Macs, Androids, iPhones & iPads. As an added benefit you can even backup your FaceBook Page.

Your Data is Securely Backed Up & Encrypted

BackIT Online Backup makes sure your data is secure and encrypted. Our backup process contains Military-grade encryption:

  • local encryption
  • encrypted in transit
  • encrypted at the data centre

We're Always Looking After Your Data

You make changes to some files, but don't have a backup scheduled. If not, don't worry! BackIT Online Backup will detect the change and ensure your updated file is sent securely to the cloud.

Share Your Backup Files

Want to share a file with a family member, friend or colleague? No problem! BackIT Online Backup lets you to share files with the greatest of ease. All you need is your recipient's email address or FaceBook Account. You can even do this direct from your mobile device.

Unlimited Versions of Your Files

BackIT Online Backup keeps an unlimited version history of all your files for the life of your account. Need a file from 2 years ago? no worries, just select the date and restore. 
BackIT Online Backup will only count the initial or largest version of that file towards your storage quota.

Native iPhone, iPad & Android Applications

BackIT Online Backup will backup your smartphone data on iPhone, Android, iPad and Android Tablet at no additional charge! Start backing up your smartphone data now and rest assured that your mobile devices are protected against data loss.

Thank goodness we had your backup software installed. If we didn't have this in place, we would have lost all of our data. Thank you thank you thank you.

Derek Harper, CEO

Thanks so much for the great service. I was quite intimidated on how to run my own backups at first. I can't believe how easy BackIT is to operate.

Lisa Sherwood, MD